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The right sound; God’s Sound

I love sounds!
The trickle of water , the patter of little feet, the giggle of excited teenage girls, a melody, a harmony or that chord that resonates with you in the middle of a song.

Sounds are not always pleasant though! There is the thud of your heart when you receive a distress call from a loved one or the scream of grief or the deafening silence of a stillborn child.


I love a particular sound , the sound of nails pounding above the din of a bloodthirsty crowd, piercing into the hands and feet of a Man who changed the world,my world forever.

The sound of redemption!
The sound of grace!
The sound of hope!
The sound of freedom!

Change the settings of your sound. Tune your ears to a world of wisdom.
He who has an ear, let him hear!

The sounds of ancient words
I am with you always!
The sound of reassurance!
I will ñever leave you nor forsake you.
The sound of victory!
You have overcome by the blood of the Lamb.
The sound of pure passionate love!
I have called you by name and you are mine.


Listen to the sound, follow the rhythm, dance to the beat of the sound of heaven.

“How sweet the name of Jesus sounds
in a believer’s ear
it soothes his sorrows
Heals his wounds and drives away his fears”


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He Awaits You

maxresdefaultl have got to go back!
It’s been a while! Everything seems the same or maybe it’s just me who’s changed.

The path is just as I remember- turfs of grass and all. I have a feeling that if I look closely I would see the imprint of my feet here.

My heart beats with anticipation, there is almost a desperate yearning in my heart. I hear my heart thud with every step. “Please let it be there”, I pray quietly as I hurry along, half running, half walking…


watching. This time I run and I don’t stop till I get to Him.

I am home again. He kisses my face and wipes my eyes. My heart blooms drinking in His ĺove like water on parched ground. I needed living water so I went back to the well, the place where we first met.

He is the Potter
He is Living Water
He is more than enough
So pour yourself in me.
You are all I need.

Find your well
Get back to Him
He is waiting
He waited for me and I am loved.

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The Rhythm of Life

Crash,clang, clatter,bang! Sometimes the symphony of your life can be a discordant tune. Instead of beautiful harmonies, the key is off and the melody is non-existent. If you are musically inclined, you unconsciously close your ears and eyes to the sound that already registers in your soul. The worship becomes a bit flat, your dance step falters and you struggle to find balance. Life is like that sometimes, plans go awry, people die,jobs are lost, fuel prices go up, friends are lost. Discordant tunes! Ruined harmonies!

Faith is????
The firm foundation under everything that makes life worth living. …
A hope against hope.
A place like a child sleeping. ..
A voice calling keep walking you’re not alone in this world. ..
A chord that rings pure and true regardless of chaos, change or circumstance.

Keep faith!
Live faith!
Believe and receive!

So after hearing the wrong note, change the song, sing on key, increase the worship and dance through.

Faith is….
Whatever God has said.
Hold on, we are guaranteed victory in the end.


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Enjoy the rains


It rained a lot. I sure loved the weather but it was a lot and it kept falling. Steady. Persistent. Never letting up. Life is like the weather sometimes, all you see is the rain. The drizzle of everyday demands or the downpour of need and pain. When the season of rain comes, there is nothing you can do about it. You just weather the storm. Not always easy, considering the mud patches that come with the rain.

So instead of willing it to stop, get an umbrella!

Draw from the Wells inside you, you have reservoirs of grace and strength.
Hope is not a myth.
Faith is not a fable.

You have need of courage.
The road may be slick and vision impaired.It’s okay, keep going on. The steps of the righteous are ordered.
Maintain your smile .
Focus on the beauty of the lightening. Listen to the drum-roll of the Thunder.
God is working behind the scenes.

It is alright. Rains come and sometimes when it’s raining on the inside, realize that God loves you and he cares. In the storm, He is your anchor.  He will never leave. So, when you feel drenched, remember that He is right beside you. He knows how you feel and there is already an umbrella in His Word. The sun has come and it will be alright.

Enjoy the rains,don’t complain!
It’s the season for growth!
Enjoy your day!

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Keep Hope Alive


Failure is an event that passes and it passed yesterday.

Sometimes our current reality is in a thousand yesterdays- The “whys, hows, if onlys, I should haves”…

Hold up for a minute! Take a deep breath and pause. Did you see that? You couldn’t have missed it but I’m almost certain you did.

Well, let me show you what you missed while your head was buried in the sands of yesterday…

Your friend stopped trying to get your attention and went quiet. The husband stopped trying to have adult conversations with you and has made the TV his new companion.
Your boss is already looking for your replacement. Your teen caught the eye of the mysterious neighborhood bad boy.Your creativity took a vacation, it couldn’t thrive in such negativity.

While you slept, the enemy sowed weeds.

Like Prince charming to sleeping beauty, with feather light brushes, I urge you WAKE UP!

Life didn’t stop. It went on. Nail your yesterdays to the cross.


Begin today. Mend the fence. Build the bridge. Talk to your family. Take the opportunity, prepare. Listen. Make the time. Today is the best day of your life.

The message is simple: He came so we can live. Really live.

So live!
Keep hope alive!

Ibelema Greene
No. 1 teen coach

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Remembering Love’s Sacrifice

I am in a bind, heart and mind bind. A quandary of sorts. There is a tussle and clarity is needed on all fronts. Am I giving my very best? Am I being the me he deserves to be with or am I holding back. Thoughts flit in and out, I am very afraid I will not fit in with his picture. God knows, I have never fit in with anything or anyone for that matter, except of course with you.

My big and impossible dreams, you accommodate. You made me like this, so even if I am blamed as a misfit, at least I can point to you who created me in your image and likeness. I refuse to settle for less than your best. I have embraced mightiness; I know how big and wide you are.

I have danced with creator. I have experienced mercy in incredible dimensions. So forgive me if I can’t handle love on a small scale. It has to be bigger than me, than us. It has to be like what I have received,a love everlasting. S forever kind of love.

So, to whom it may concern, my heart has been seared by a love that is limitless and knows no boundaries. A big kind of love. I’m sorry I couldn’t stay but it just didn’t feel like the love I am used to The love that’s patient, kind, not self seeking,always, believing,hoping. The trusting type of love. The type of love that goes to the cross first before asking if I would follow Him. I’m sorry, but how do you walk away from a love like that?

I am a misfit! Yes I know, but I fit in the palms of His hands. I’m the apple of His eyes. I am redeemed! I can dance. I am free.

Thank you for love so amazing, so divine. I’m not there yet but I will never forget your sacrifice.

Thank you for giving me all.

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Bragging Rights


In the bid to be myself, something extraordinary happened and I would like to share.

Confidence suddenly became second nature. Risk taking was a daily decision. Out of the box thinking was standard and regular. Perspective changed. Doors opened, opportunities walked in and were taken but that was not all that walked in.

Following closely behind was a sense of pride! Suddenly, I thought I had arrived, surely, the strength of my hand has brought me before the brightest and the best!

In the midst of this, I was reminded and not a bit too soon about life and all its frailties.I was reminded that the race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong. I was reminded that gifts of God are without repentance. I was reminded that my design and shape is for a far greater purpose! I am but clay in the hands of the Potter and really, what clay has a say in how it is ultimately designed?

I brag but not in my abilities but about the giver of gifts. I brag in the One who can interpret a piece of thread interwoven in the tapestry of life.I make my boast in God.
Stay humble but stand tall.

You are important and relevant.

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The Price of Values

I am at a crossroads and my values hold the answer. I want to ignore them but I can’t. When did it become so difficult to set aside things that I put in place?

What a dilemma!

Ignore the pain, away with the discipline, suppress the voices( I assure you, I am not mad), ditch the routine and be free to do what you like.. a great route to follow, but still I am hesitant!

The summation of a man is his values and they determine his actions, inactions and his decisions.




What are your values?
Do you have any?
What do you stand for?

My decision, though painful, played out on the field of my values, volleying through the court that is my life and resting at my core. My heart had always known what my head was confused about. At the end of the day, I had peace!

Values define you. Don’t take them for granted.