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Truly loved by Him


l have got to go back!
It’s been a while! Everything seems the same, or maybe it’s just me who’s changed.The path is just as I remember, turfs of grass, I have a feeling that if I look closely I would see the imprint of my feet here.

My heart beats with anticipation, there is almost a desperate yearning in my heart. I hear my heart thud with every step. “Please let it be there”, I pray quietly as I hurry along; half running, half walking…

I see it, a smile and a sob burst through simultaneously and then I see Him, waiting and watching. This time I run and I don’t stop till I get to him.


I am home again, he kisses my face and wipes my eyes. My heart blooms drinking in his ĺove like water on parched ground.I needed living water so I went back to the well, the place we first met.

You are the Potter
You are Living Water
You are more than enough
So pour yourself in me.
You are all I need.


Find your well
Get back to Him
He is waiting
He waited for me and I am loved.



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