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Love Won For Me

love_always_wins_by_mihaisI am a thief!

Stealing time, glances and words.Taking things that don’t belong to me! “I’m only borrowing”, I rationalize. I will give it back but only when I am done.

I am a thief!

Depriving people of the best of me! “I can only give this much”, I say. I can’t give what I don’t have so I hide behind religious clichés and refuse to press into all the treasures buried in me.

I’m a thief!

Touching what I am not supposed to. Releasing love before its time, awakening desires outside prescribed boundaries. “Everyone is doing it”, I bluster on, “stolen bread is sweet!”

I am a thief!

Stealing from myself is the worst. I have lost the man I could have been. Lost my self, dignity and honour. Burdened by guilt, bowed by shame ….


Caught! Accused and rightly so!
Condemned but….

Love believes in me.
Love believes it is not too late.
Shame and grace collide in Him.
He takes my guilt!
He sets me free!


Love wins for a thief such as I.
Every voice is silenced.
Every tongue that rises in judgement is silenced!
Death is defeated!

The blood of Jesus speaks and is still speaking!



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Truly loved by Him


l have got to go back!
It’s been a while! Everything seems the same, or maybe it’s just me who’s changed.The path is just as I remember, turfs of grass, I have a feeling that if I look closely I would see the imprint of my feet here.

My heart beats with anticipation, there is almost a desperate yearning in my heart. I hear my heart thud with every step. “Please let it be there”, I pray quietly as I hurry along; half running, half walking…

I see it, a smile and a sob burst through simultaneously and then I see Him, waiting and watching. This time I run and I don’t stop till I get to him.


I am home again, he kisses my face and wipes my eyes. My heart blooms drinking in his ĺove like water on parched ground.I needed living water so I went back to the well, the place we first met.

You are the Potter
You are Living Water
You are more than enough
So pour yourself in me.
You are all I need.


Find your well
Get back to Him
He is waiting
He waited for me and I am loved.


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Live the dream


c13aa90f9ce4197f18883fbfdb2242aaDecisions are made, conclusions are reached. Some with dire consequences, others don’t even cause a ripple. The decision to follow your heart or your dreams is anything but easy. It tasks your mind, tests courage and takes its toll.

But is it worth it? YES

At Gabbatha (the stone pavement), a decision was taken that precipitated the course of events that changed history. A man following his passion died to save the world. He knew that I probably would choose not to believe but he went all the way and He is exalted in every nation.

Is it worth it? Again YES!

Follow your heart.
Live limitless.
Be optimistic, things are getting better.
Live out of the bag God has packed for you.

Jesus was sentenced by an unwilling, people-pleasing ruler. It doesn’t matter how you get to your stone pavement. Maybe it’s a sack letter, a broken heart, rejected proposal, a not planned for pregnancy, whatever! Take a decision that will cause a life-changing effect, let the world watch you ignite the passion, courage and talent you possess.

Be remarkable.
Leave your mark.


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The Rhythm of Life

Crash,clang, clatter,bang! Sometimes the symphony of your life can be a discordant tune. Instead of beautiful harmonies, the key is off and the melody is non-existent. If you are musically inclined, you unconsciously close your ears and eyes to the sound that already registers in your soul. The worship becomes a bit flat, your dance step falters and you struggle to find balance. Life is like that sometimes, plans go awry, people die,jobs are lost, fuel prices go up, friends are lost. Discordant tunes! Ruined harmonies!

Faith is????
The firm foundation under everything that makes life worth living. …
A hope against hope.
A place like a child sleeping. ..
A voice calling keep walking you’re not alone in this world. ..
A chord that rings pure and true regardless of chaos, change or circumstance.

Keep faith!
Live faith!
Believe and receive!

So after hearing the wrong note, change the song, sing on key, increase the worship and dance through.

Faith is….
Whatever God has said.
Hold on, we are guaranteed victory in the end.


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Follow your Track

Walking is fast becoming a new love for me. The air is crisp and cool, the world is quiet and seemingly peaceful for a few minutes and a sense of wellness fills me up as I walk. Interesting signs pop up and interesting people show up every morning.


I met a man and in spite of the music in my ears, he persisted in asking questions and firmly berated me for not measuring my steps and progress. He insisted that I needed to and I smiled and said “I didn’t have to”, he showed me his gadgets and was impressed with himself and his steps. Smiling still, I kept on walking…

The lanes on a race track are clearly defined, marked and separate. This is intentional not just for order but so everyone knows their lane and are responsible for their victory or loss. Not so different from life’s race. You are designed for your own task, your work and walk is YOURS. Enjoy the walk..

Yes, don’t be so carried away by the focus that you forget to enjoy. I get it!You must show a measure of seriousness, calculate the odds, hit your target and be perfect, right? Remember, God does not call you to be perfect but excellent. He enjoins you to fellowship with Him.

Enjoy the walk.
Lean on His grace..
Depend on His unfailingly strength.
Bask in the sunshine of his brilliant love.
Enjoy the work.

The race is not to the swift but He will carry you on eagles wings as you put your limitations (gadgets, experiences, gifts ) in His unlimited self.

See, I had a longer walk ahead, he took a taxi. We were going in different directions so don’t be pressured by life’s distractions. ..

Follow your track.
Run your race.
Smile and enjoy the walk.

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Try Faith


“All the days of the desponding and afflicted are made evil [by anxious thoughts and forebodings], but he who has a glad heart has a continual feast [regardless of circumstances].”
Proverbs 15:15 (AMP)

Regardless of circumstances; how your week, day , month or even the year has been, carry a glad heart. Nobody else can carry that for you.

It will be alright! Everything’s going to be fine! Light shines brightest in darkness. Wear a smile. Be so optimistic and full of faith that you infect someone with it.

No, don’t think for a second that my life is perfect because it isn’t but I know that it is only a matter of time, things will turn around and I must play my part.I do not make light of your situation but today, let me invite you to dive in the depths of faith. We have tried all else, what do we have to lose?


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2016, Chapter 4


It is the second quarter of the year, the 4th chapter in the 12-chaptered book called 2016. This book is a best seller and the author is well renowned. The book has actually been finished and it ends well but somewhere in the middle of this book, the characters thought to themselves, “We are better off on our own, let’s write a new script”. Bad idea! Some twisted their way out of the plot and got a not too pleasant ending. Some in the bid to be heroes, took on too much and died. BUT some chose to be obedient to the author’s penmanship. Even though the twists and turns of their lives where painful, with dents instead of climaxes, they followed the plot trusting that the Author knew what was best for them.

Oh, how their lives turned out!  Beautiful!

It was a bestseller!

The reviews? Amazing!

God knows how your story ends and we all do, after all we are witnesses in the story. So stand. Stand firm, don’t give up! The twists and turns in the desert lead you to a well watered place.You end in Rehoboth, your place of rest. So, keep following the Master as he writes your script and act accordingly.

‪How‬ blessed are all those in whom you live.
Whose lives become roads you travel.
They wind through lonesome valleys, come upon brooks, discover cool springs and pools brimming with rain!
God-traveled, these roads curve up the mountain, and at the last turn- ZION! God in full view!

The End.
Ibelema Greene