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The chore called Laundry

llI am looking for a laundry basket, something nice that matches my wall. Useful but fashionable. I know I should wash but I just don’t have the time! Besides, that’s why someone came up with the brilliant idea of laundry houses! Laundry is a chore but someone has to do it!

I am reminded as I reluctantly take on the task of washing that I am a finished product of a specific type of washing; picked out of the miry clay and sorted so that the colours don’t run and mix.
My label was checked before I was put in the machine of testing- is she too fragile? Should she be hand-washed or is there a set temperature to her fabric? Laundry is a chore but The Master does it!

He takes his time to pick up, sort out and promises that he would not lay on me more than my fabric can handle. I am cleansed by the precious blood He shed. No detergent is more effective and efficient. Though your sins be as dark as scarlet and red as crimson… when He is done, they are as white as snow and soft as wool.

He finishes the job, sealing me with His Spirit. I am ready for anything, fresh and scented with the perfume of praise. My fragrance permeates my world. Laundry is a chore but I am willing to join in.

laudnryI am a co-labourer, washed by the blood, purified constantly by the washing of the Word daily. Baptized and sealed with His Spirit

I remember how filthy my self righteousness was and it is nothing compared to who I am becoming. So, I tell others come. Come and meet a man who specializes in the business of laundering souls. No stain is too hard, no fabric too fragile. He plunges into the cold of our lives, not minding the season and gently cleans us up!

What a Ģod!

He Knows. He made us all so He knows how best to handle us. Washing will never be the same again.



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