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You’re doing okay

30934dd“You have done well. Thank you”, He says and the anxieties and worries melt away.

Be encouraged, the Master wishes you well. Hear Him speak in the rain; see Him reflected in the lightening. Watch His wonder in a child exploring the world for the first time.Find rest in the silence.


It’s a new beginning and He says, well done.You are doing well, do not be weary in well doing.

Go out with joy and be led in peace.

Mountains and hills break forth before you.
The trees of the field clap their hands.

Let the world watch you display the very purpose you were created.

Be a fragrance. Leave the scent of life as you pass by.
Be light. Catch fire and let the world watch you burn.
Be salt. Add flavour to a bland world.

Heaven applauds you.
Be encouraged!


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Follow His Peace


Flinging pots, pans and books in a rare display of anger; heaving and panting in exhaustion. I wonder why we expend so much energy in anger, it’s so tiring. Worse of is that this entire scenario is in my head and though nothing is out of place anywhere, in my heart there is an upheaval of a lot of things.

Then I hear a word…
“Follow the peace!”

Peace! What peace? Like Sarah, I laugh. Peace ke? Hmmm, like seriously God, please!
111742Economies are crashing.
Rent has gone up.
Fees have to be paid.
I am not married yet.
No kids.
Rumours of war.
It’s taking too long.
Follow the peace?

Like the man at the pool of Siloam, our deliverance comes in a word but we are so stuck, we say “there’s no one to carry me!”

“My peace I give, not as the world gives. I keep you in perfect peace, you keep your mind on me.” Look up, see things from His perspective. Follow the pattern, follow the peace…..

When He needed to get things done, he looked up and gave thanks. The Prince of Peace didn’t look at the problem and what problems he had, He looked up!
imagesklTake a cue from Him.
Follow the peace.
Look up.
Lift Him up.
Get up.

…And a sense of everything coming together will flood your heart.You already have all you need. If you are lost and can’t seem to find your way. Remember…
Follow the peace.
Follow His peace!


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Love Won For Me

love_always_wins_by_mihaisI am a thief!

Stealing time, glances and words.Taking things that don’t belong to me! “I’m only borrowing”, I rationalize. I will give it back but only when I am done.

I am a thief!

Depriving people of the best of me! “I can only give this much”, I say. I can’t give what I don’t have so I hide behind religious clich├ęs and refuse to press into all the treasures buried in me.

I’m a thief!

Touching what I am not supposed to. Releasing love before its time, awakening desires outside prescribed boundaries. “Everyone is doing it”, I bluster on, “stolen bread is sweet!”

I am a thief!

Stealing from myself is the worst. I have lost the man I could have been. Lost my self, dignity and honour. Burdened by guilt, bowed by shame ….


Caught! Accused and rightly so!
Condemned but….

Love believes in me.
Love believes it is not too late.
Shame and grace collide in Him.
He takes my guilt!
He sets me free!


Love wins for a thief such as I.
Every voice is silenced.
Every tongue that rises in judgement is silenced!
Death is defeated!

The blood of Jesus speaks and is still speaking!