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Remembering Love’s Sacrifice

I am in a bind, heart and mind bind. A quandary of sorts. There is a tussle and clarity is needed on all fronts. Am I giving my very best? Am I being the me he deserves to be with or am I holding back. Thoughts flit in and out, I am very afraid I will not fit in with his picture. God knows, I have never fit in with anything or anyone for that matter, except of course with you.

My big and impossible dreams, you accommodate. You made me like this, so even if I am blamed as a misfit, at least I can point to you who created me in your image and likeness. I refuse to settle for less than your best. I have embraced mightiness; I know how big and wide you are.

I have danced with creator. I have experienced mercy in incredible dimensions. So forgive me if I can’t handle love on a small scale. It has to be bigger than me, than us. It has to be like what I have received,a love everlasting. S forever kind of love.

So, to whom it may concern, my heart has been seared by a love that is limitless and knows no boundaries. A big kind of love. I’m sorry I couldn’t stay but it just didn’t feel like the love I am used to The love that’s patient, kind, not self seeking,always, believing,hoping. The trusting type of love. The type of love that goes to the cross first before asking if I would follow Him. I’m sorry, but how do you walk away from a love like that?

I am a misfit! Yes I know, but I fit in the palms of His hands. I’m the apple of His eyes. I am redeemed! I can dance. I am free.

Thank you for love so amazing, so divine. I’m not there yet but I will never forget your sacrifice.

Thank you for giving me all.

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The Price of Values

I am at a crossroads and my values hold the answer. I want to ignore them but I can’t. When did it become so difficult to set aside things that I put in place?

What a dilemma!

Ignore the pain, away with the discipline, suppress the voices( I assure you, I am not mad), ditch the routine and be free to do what you like.. a great route to follow, but still I am hesitant!

The summation of a man is his values and they determine his actions, inactions and his decisions.




What are your values?
Do you have any?
What do you stand for?

My decision, though painful, played out on the field of my values, volleying through the court that is my life and resting at my core. My heart had always known what my head was confused about. At the end of the day, I had peace!

Values define you. Don’t take them for granted.