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Bragging Rights


In the bid to be myself, something extraordinary happened and I would like to share.

Confidence suddenly became second nature. Risk taking was a daily decision. Out of the box thinking was standard and regular. Perspective changed. Doors opened, opportunities walked in and were taken but that was not all that walked in.

Following closely behind was a sense of pride! Suddenly, I thought I had arrived, surely, the strength of my hand has brought me before the brightest and the best!

In the midst of this, I was reminded and not a bit too soon about life and all its frailties.I was reminded that the race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong. I was reminded that gifts of God are without repentance. I was reminded that my design and shape is for a far greater purpose! I am but clay in the hands of the Potter and really, what clay has a say in how it is ultimately designed?

I brag but not in my abilities but about the giver of gifts. I brag in the One who can interpret a piece of thread interwoven in the tapestry of life.I make my boast in God.
Stay humble but stand tall.

You are important and relevant.