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Enjoy the rains


It rained a lot. I sure loved the weather but it was a lot and it kept falling. Steady. Persistent. Never letting up. Life is like the weather sometimes, all you see is the rain. The drizzle of everyday demands or the downpour of need and pain. When the season of rain comes, there is nothing you can do about it. You just weather the storm. Not always easy, considering the mud patches that come with the rain.

So instead of willing it to stop, get an umbrella!

Draw from the Wells inside you, you have reservoirs of grace and strength.
Hope is not a myth.
Faith is not a fable.

You have need of courage.
The road may be slick and vision impaired.It’s okay, keep going on. The steps of the righteous are ordered.
Maintain your smile .
Focus on the beauty of the lightening. Listen to the drum-roll of the Thunder.
God is working behind the scenes.

It is alright. Rains come and sometimes when it’s raining on the inside, realize that God loves you and he cares. In the storm, He is your anchor.  He will never leave. So, when you feel drenched, remember that He is right beside you. He knows how you feel and there is already an umbrella in His Word. The sun has come and it will be alright.

Enjoy the rains,don’t complain!
It’s the season for growth!
Enjoy your day!


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