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Jesus has you covered

Duvets, blankets, sweaters and jackets.

They may be stylish but they have a simple function. Cover, hide and protect from the cold. Imagine the discomfort you feel on a cold night without a blanket- eyes shut, you grope around until you touch the familiar warmth of your duvet.

What do you do when the cold hands of life touch your life, finances and your relationships? Do you grope and shiver through the cold or do you get a covering?

See, Jesus covers! “When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to a rock that’s higher than I!
Jesus is the Rock!”



Carry a God-consciousness. Be aware of His never failing love. When your heart’s heat wanes and the cold of disappointment and discontent creeps in, wrap yourself in the warmth of God’s embrace. Breathe in His love and be comforted, exhale the weight that burdens you.

Be aware, God is a shield for you, A refuge and a hiding place. See, it’s okay to hide sometimes from your phone, the ever tugging emotions, the burden of ministry and hide under the covers of His grace.

Snuggle and curl into his vast greatness. He is your glory, my glory and the lifter of our head. Bask in the sunlight of His fullness, in the brightness of his Promises.

Rest! Your Redeemer lives.
Relax! Enjoy the security of your shortcomings covered
Jesus has you covered!




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