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Live the dream


c13aa90f9ce4197f18883fbfdb2242aaDecisions are made, conclusions are reached. Some with dire consequences, others don’t even cause a ripple. The decision to follow your heart or your dreams is anything but easy. It tasks your mind, tests courage and takes its toll.

But is it worth it? YES

At Gabbatha (the stone pavement), a decision was taken that precipitated the course of events that changed history. A man following his passion died to save the world. He knew that I probably would choose not to believe but he went all the way and He is exalted in every nation.

Is it worth it? Again YES!

Follow your heart.
Live limitless.
Be optimistic, things are getting better.
Live out of the bag God has packed for you.

Jesus was sentenced by an unwilling, people-pleasing ruler. It doesn’t matter how you get to your stone pavement. Maybe it’s a sack letter, a broken heart, rejected proposal, a not planned for pregnancy, whatever! Take a decision that will cause a life-changing effect, let the world watch you ignite the passion, courage and talent you possess.

Be remarkable.
Leave your mark.



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