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Follow your Track

Walking is fast becoming a new love for me. The air is crisp and cool, the world is quiet and seemingly peaceful for a few minutes and a sense of wellness fills me up as I walk. Interesting signs pop up and interesting people show up every morning.


I met a man and in spite of the music in my ears, he persisted in asking questions and firmly berated me for not measuring my steps and progress. He insisted that I needed to and I smiled and said “I didn’t have to”, he showed me his gadgets and was impressed with himself and his steps. Smiling still, I kept on walking…

The lanes on a race track are clearly defined, marked and separate. This is intentional not just for order but so everyone knows their lane and are responsible for their victory or loss. Not so different from life’s race. You are designed for your own task, your work and walk is YOURS. Enjoy the walk..

Yes, don’t be so carried away by the focus that you forget to enjoy. I get it!You must show a measure of seriousness, calculate the odds, hit your target and be perfect, right? Remember, God does not call you to be perfect but excellent. He enjoins you to fellowship with Him.

Enjoy the walk.
Lean on His grace..
Depend on His unfailingly strength.
Bask in the sunshine of his brilliant love.
Enjoy the work.

The race is not to the swift but He will carry you on eagles wings as you put your limitations (gadgets, experiences, gifts ) in His unlimited self.

See, I had a longer walk ahead, he took a taxi. We were going in different directions so don’t be pressured by life’s distractions. ..

Follow your track.
Run your race.
Smile and enjoy the walk.


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