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I Am Not Afraid


I don’t have much to say,
But just a word to maybe brighten your day.
A line from an old story,
Simple and true.

There was a man born afraid.
Didn’t take risks, lost opportunities and always had nothing to say.

One day, he took a look around at his dismal surroundings and thought to himself, “I am more than this,I carry greatness and I am not afraid”. In that instant, everything changed and nothing remained the same. All things started to work for his good.He will never be the same. See, his journey has not ended. It’s a new beginning.

I am that man. I remind you that you carry greatness, so do not be afraid.Let this line resonate in your heart- I carry greatness and I am not afraid!

Ibelema Greene
No.1 Teen Coach.
Writer, singer, speaker, entrepreneur.
Follower of Jesus.

I am not afraid.


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